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Award Recipients 2015

Mayo person of the year 2015:

James Horan

The adjudicators’ decision to select James Horan as the 2015 Mayo Person

of The Year and recipient of the Virginia Gallagher Memorial Award reflects their

unanimous conviction that his commitment to County Mayo, both as a footballer and a

manager has been immense.

James Horan’s role in playing football in the late 1990’s won him All-Star awards and cemented hi

s name among the f inest Mayo players ever to wear the Green and Red. His role as manager of his

native club Ballintubber in 2007 was key to guiding the team back to the senior ranks of county football

and resulted in the club winning their f irst senior championship title.

As manager of the Mayo senior team from 2010 until August 2014, James Horan succeeded in

transforming the fortunes of the Mayo football team and giving Mayo people reason to dream and

feel a sense of pride as the Mayo team played flowing, hard, honest football. In the last four years, his

achievements in making the senior Mayo footballers the most consistent in the country has brought

a sense of well -being and pride to every Mayo man and woman, not just in Ireland but around the


James Horan’s dedication to the game of Gaelic football and his untiring work with the Mayo football

team has brought great joy and huge excitement to the county and a sense that anything is possible,

which is crucial at a time when economic hardship has cast a shadow across the land.

A worthy winner of this award, James Horan’s endeavours to make a valued contribution to Mayo, the

county and its people are now being recognised and celebrated across the land.

Meitheal award 2015 – Dolmen Clubhouse Ltd.

The gaelic term “Meitheal” conjures up images of team work and cooperation and in the true spirit of

local community effort, the 2015 Mayo Meitheal award is being given to The Dolmen Clubhouse Ltd.

The Dolmen Clubhouse Ltd. (Dolmen Clubhouse Ballina and Cairde Club, Castlebar) was set upon 2001

under the social economy programme to provide an out of hours drop in centre for mental health service

users. With locations in Ballina and Castlebar, it provides a much needed facility for people with mental

health issues, with its services delivering social, recreational and cultural amenities which can help

reduce the risk of re-admission to hospital.

Dolmen Clubhouse Ltd. brings lost members of community back into the fold as well as a place to go

for people when they lose their way. It is a vital cog in the mental health services, a truly safe haven for

people who otherwise would be left to their own devices, isolated and at home.

Dolmen House Ltd. seeks to increase greater respect and understanding within the community for

people with mental health diff iculties. It has stood out from the crowd for their outstanding contribution

to social care and inclusion and it is important that the people who work at Dolmen Clubhouse Ltd.

in Ballina and Castlebar and the work they do is celebrated. It is an essential county wide community

service that deserves credit and recognition and it is the belief of the panel of adjudicators that Dolmen

Clubhouse is a worthy recipient of the 2015 Meitheal Award.