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Call for Nominations 2017

Call for Nominations 2017

A call for nominations for these prestigious awards will open in November 2016. Our Association believes it of particular importance to acknowledge those “working behind the scenes” within our communities and request you to submit nominations for those you believe should receive recognition in our awards.

To qualify for the Mayo Person of the Year Award the person must have been born in Mayo, or of Mayo parentage, or who has lived in Mayo for not less than seven years and who, in the opinion of a panel of three independent adjudicators, has made an exceptional contribution to Mayo or its people. The Meitheal of the Year Award will be presented to a voluntary group or organisation based in Mayo, whose majority of its membership were born in Mayo or of Mayo parentage and who, in the opinion of the adjudicators, have achieved the greatest distinction or done most for the county or its people.

This year, a new award, the Young Mayo Person of the Year Award will be presented to a young person under the age of 25, who lives in Mayo or was born or lived for in Mayo for 7 years. The new award will recognise: ‘any endeavour by a young person under 25 which has provided significant social, community, leadership, or economic benefit to society, and which reflects positively on Mayo’. The award is designed to recognise the positive influence young people can have on their peers and on the lives of others.

The Nomination submissions should include any relevant information on the contribution of the nominee to Mayo directly and indirectly. A strong application generally includes an executive summary, various narratives/articles reflecting the various contributions/achievements of the nominee and my include letters of support for the nomination.

Nominations for these awards are requested in hard copy and should be submitted by post in triplicate to the Hon. Secretary, Ms  Julie Doyle, 104 Ramleh Park, Milltown, Dublin 6. Deadline for submissions for both the awards is Friday 9 December 2016. Any submissions received after the alloted date will not be eligible for consideration by the adjudicating panel. The Committee and members of Mayo Association Dublin are not involved in the selection of the winners of these awards. Each year, the Committee of the Association selects an independent panel of 3 adjudicators to whom qualifying nominations are passed on to for consideration. For further information contact Bernardine Walsh, PRO, at